Response to inquiry of 12/4/23:

Dear Parent and Guardians,

If you have a moment, would you please participate in a quick survey? If possibly email your response to

  1. What is your initial thought when asked “Why is your child (or children) enrolled in CSOS?
  2. Upon reflection, how would you answer the same question?

Thank you!

Mr. Arnold

Survey Answers: (other than #1, not listed in any order)

  1. “Affordable Christian Education”
  2. “5-day education”
  3. “Christian After Care”, “Before and after school care”
  4. “Amazing staff”, “love the staff”
  5. “Safe place to grow in God”, “safe environment”, “education where they are well cared for”
  6. “Class and social interaction”
  7. “Christian atmosphere”, “atmosphere that honors God”, “values”
  8. “Positive impact on my family”
  9. “Excellent academics”, “superior education”, “quality faith-based education”
  10. “Equipped for their future”
  11. “Family friendly”, “best suited for my family”
  12. “Wholesome”, “Worldview”
  13. “Discipleship”
  14. “Disagree with the teaching in the public school”, “the public school is a failure”
  15. “Location”
  16. “I trust CSOS



“She hates to leave to go to her appointments.  She just loves to be here.”  – parent of a new elementary student


“She has learned more in this first week than all of last year (in the public school).”   – parent of new lower elementary student


“This school is even better than I was hoping.”  – new Jr. High student


“Others need to know where to bring their kids – best kept secret in town.”  – parent of a new student


“I’ve learned that one way or the other in this school, the students and the teachers will make the classroom fun.” – a Jr. High student


“He is way beyond the others at the new school (a private school).  You prepared him very well at CSOS.” – parent of transferred middle school student


I wanted to share that last night as my son and I were praying before bed, he shared how blessed he is to be attending a school that he feels the teachers truly care about their students.  One teacher wrote him an encouraging note, another shared several conversations, and all are very sweet to him.  This truly made my day and makes a mother feel great about the placement of her child in your school.  Please pass this on and let them know what an impression they are already making on this young life.  – parent of a new Jr. High student


We miss you so much!!!! I have been up and down the road at the new school, so I wanted to e-mail when I had time to sit down.  Missouri is still not out of the cards.  Currently, we are in _____ and I must say, things are a little different.  We have little brother in preschool right now at the Christian Academy.  This school was the closest one that I could find that had the Abeka curriculum and was semi not expensive.  I say that lightly.  All the preschools around here want at least $700.00 per month.  For second grade, at least $900.00.  I was upset because I told my husband that CSOS wasn’t out for money.  It has been hard to find a school that even comes close to CSOS.  CSOS was just, the best word I can come up with is “homey”.  Our daughter said she doesn’t like her school and that she wants to go back to Missouri.


CSOS teaches every single student above level.  Well, public schools don’t really seem to do this!? She tested out in the gifted and talented range.  When bringing this up at the public school, they became upset with me when I stated that CSOS taught kindergarteners on a first grade level, they looked at me with a baffled look.  Since they don’t have merit or honors levels pretty much, they asked me if I wanted her to skip a grade.  I asked why she just couldn’t have advanced instruction and be able to remain with her peers on a social level?  Oh my goodness!  They thought I was asking for a million dollars.  I guess part of the reason was, they looked at her Iowa Achievement Test and saw that her scores were above par.  Then in first grade, she was tested for gifted and talented.  To include in the other state last year, she scored a K when the county average reading level was an H.  Same thing in math.  Public school systems are not for me.  God needs to be put first and public schools don’t do this.  So, we had a long discussion last night.  My husband thinks it would be best if the family went back to Missouri.


I just don’t feel comfortable with public schools.  I didn’t say this to her new school, it is just my opinion.  No one seems to take an interest in the children on a personal level, not like the administration/teachers did at CSOS.  She said that she got made fun of for saying grace before eating lunch yesterday.  Then, she was the one who got in trouble for telling that student “You need God in your life, because if you already had him, you wouldn’t be making fun of me.”  That did it for me, that was the last straw.  Paying $1,600.00 for both of them to attend a Christian private school around here is out of the question.  Soooooo since we want both of them to attend a Christian private school, going back to Missouri seems to be logical.  One school wanted $1,000.00 a month for each kid.  I was like why is this so much?  We have our third child who will also be attending preschool next year.  I miss Springfield altogether, but mostly CSOS.  We have prayed about it and think God is showing us clear answers – go back to Missouri.  Our daughter is very smart, and not being challenged academically with a foundation surrounding God, that has been a downfall.  When she told me she wanted to go back because no one at CSOS ever made fun of her for being one of God’s children, I felt so guilty.


My husband is in the National Guard down here, so he already put in for a transfer to Missouri.  We both were in the military for so long, because of this they pretty much give us a “leg up” on transfer requests.  Since we are already a year out, and put in the transfer, we are praying the transfer is approved.  If not, then we have three years here.  I can deal with three years, as long as I know I will be able to go back to Missouri after those three year.  I hope you guys are well!  We really miss CSOS and pray for every single one of you daily.  We tell everyone that we know in Missouri about CSOS, we know their child will thrive, just like ours did!  We love you all!!!!!!!!!!! – a parent that moved away for husband’s job


“The school is to be commended for a thoroughly Christian philosophy of education that is evident in every aspect of the school program.”


“The school is to be commended for having well-established financial policies in place.”


“The school is to be commended for its regular evaluation and use of standardized test scores to assess learning, evaluate curriculum, appraise teacher’s effectiveness, and adapt instruction to meet identified learning needs of individual students and groups of students.”


“The school is to be commended for instituting effective reorganization and restructuring for carrying out the goals and objectives for school ministry.”  Mr. Arnold assumed the administration for the 2014-2015 academic year.


“The school is commended for its intentional focus of disseminating a biblical worldview among its student body.” – Accreditation Team 2015 (last formal visit)


CSOS Total School Average: 77% (percentile) (50% would be the average or norm on all percentile scores).

CSOS Total School Student Average: 2 grade levels ahead of the norm (grade equivalent).

CSOS students start testing out at Post High School(PHS, 13+ grade equivalent) at the conclusion of the seventh grade.

– latest achievement test results from Mr. Arnold, administrator