CSOSEEC provides preschool and childcare services for 2, 3, & 4 year old children.


Each child must be completely toilet trained and able to express themselves well enough to make their basic needs known.


Charges are paid for your child’s place at the center and not for your child’s attendance. Credit is not given for missed days; however, credit will be given for days the center is closed for holidays or due to inclement weather.


Vacation days are given according to the number of days your child is registered per week. Your child will have the number of days per year for vacation days that you are registered per week (for example: your child comes three days per week and so receives three vacation days for the year.)


Vacation days are used if your child is absent. If parents are planning a vacation in the future they are welcome to keep paying regular tuition and have a credit balance until vacation time (ex. pay weekly charge of $105.00, instead of statement balance of $85.00).