CSOSEEC Financial Information


Full TIme:

Childcare/Preschool Weekly Charges First Child Additional Child in Family
5 Full Days $150.00 $125.00
4 Full Days $120.00 $100.00
3 Full Days $90.00 $75.00

Part TIme:

Childcare/Preschool Weekly Charges First Child Additional Child in Family
5 Half Days $115.00 $95.00
4 Half Days $92.00 $76.00
3 Half Days $69.00 $57.00


Addtional Fees: Price
Enrollment (non-refundable) $40.00
Summer Curriculum and Supply Fee (non-refundable)  $25.00
Falll and Spring Curriculum and Supply Fee (non-refundable)  $100.00


  • Enrollment fee is due at the time of enrollment and is non-refundable. Weekly childcare payments are due the first day of the week services are provided. Please place child’s first and last name on the check memo line.
  • Curriculum and Supply fees are charged at the beginning of each session or when first enrolled.
  • Charges are posted weekly. Accounts not paid by Friday will be charged a $15.00 late fee unless the office has been notified with payment arrangements. After two consecutive late fees have been assessed, your child will not be allowed to attend until your account is current.
  • Charges are paid for your child’s place at the Early Education Center and not for your child’s attendance. However, credit will be given for days the center is closed for holidays or due to inclement weather.
  • Vacation days are given according to the number of days your child is registered per week. Your child will have the number of days per year for vacation days that you are registered per week (for example: Your child attends three days per week and will receive three vacation days for the year.) Vacation days do not carry over from year to year.
  • All returned checks will incur a $35.00 service charge.
  • There is a charge of $25.00 for any pick up after 6:00pm.




  • Please notify the center as soon as possible when withdrawing your child. Charges continue until official notice has been given to the center.