Behavior Management


The preschool teachers help your child:

  • learn to think creatively and independently
  • to respect authority and the rights of others
  • to learn to get along with other children
  • to develop coordination and self-confidence
  • to express their own ideas in an acceptable manner
  • to develop skills that will help them excel as they enter their formal schooling


We consider it a sacred responsibility to help parents encourage and train their children to become happy, successful, Christian young people. We recognize each child as a unique gift from God to their parents and pledge to always strive to show them God’s love in word and in deed.


The teachers and staff will direct the activities in and out of the classroom throughout the day. Every attempt will be made to redirect children who are distracted or are distracting others.


A child may be removed from the group or activity for a short period of time (no longer than 5 minutes). This is called ‘time out’. Time out is also used when a child needs time alone, not solely as a means of punishment.

Should the child still need help with his/her behavior, he/she will be temporarily removed from the group into another supervised area.


If the behavior continues to be disruptive, the parent will be called or a conference scheduled to help us determine a joint plan to correct behavior.


If the behavior continues to be disruptive, the center reserves the right to dismiss the child.