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Dear Parents and Gaurdians,

         We trust that you are having a wonderful summer. It has been an eventful one for us here at CSOS.   

         We concluded our 2015-2016 academic year with an inspirational senior graduation and our highly anticipated 5 year old kindergarten program/graduation. Trophy night was a new addition. Forty one trophies were awarded to our student body recognizing character, academic achievement and perfect attendance. It was a night of fun and acknowledgement of traits that we wish to encourage.

          Plans for 2015-2016 are underway. We are excited to announce that a major investment has been made to strengthen our curriculum in the prechool and elementary. ABEKA curriculum has been purchased and will be utilized in the preschool through sixth grade. This tried and proven curriculum combined with an experienced faculty should improve upon a solid record of achievement and even lay a better foundation for our 7th through 12th grades.  Faculty and parents alike are excited by the change.

God is working. Please keep CSOS in your prayers as we continue to move forward, by His grace, for His glory.



Gregory A. Arnold 



July 15, 2014

Dear Folks,

            Our prayer is that this correspondence finds you well and enjoying a good summer.  As you may be aware, over the past few years Christian Schools of Springfield has pinched the pennies and stretched the dollar to make the revenue go as far as possible.  Undoubtedly this is true of our own families and family owned businesses as well.

            One of the areas that CSOS has managed to get by with is technology.  This has however finally caught up with us.  I have asked Mr. Dye, who has been piecing together our computers, and Mr. Adkins, who is serving as a tech advisor, to give us a brief explanation of where we are and where we need to go.

I am Tom Dye and one of my responsibilities for CSOS is to do the yearly upgrade of our computers.  This last week I had to notify Mr. Arnold that our computers are not compatible to be upgraded to Windows 7.  They were great computers and have given us about ten years of service, but they were designed to operate using Windows XP and we now face compatibility problems that do not allow them to function properly for our students’ needs.  Since XP is no longer being supported, any online usage will put them at risk of outside corruption.  I have been working on this difficulty since January of this year, and have concluded that we must upgrade our computers.

Hello, I am Roy Adkins, I have been assisting CSOS with their technology needs. With the ever growing use of technology in the world today, it is necessary that our students have the opportunity to have newer computers that will function well in our current age of information.  This will not only expose our students to the latest computers, but provide them with real practical knowledge needed to engage confidently in the ever changing work force.  We have decided at this time it would be in the best interest of our students to go with Computer Renaissance, who will build our computer with the following specifications:  AMD A4-3300 Dual 2.5 Processor, 4GB Memory, 500 GB Hard Drive, DVD/RW, Windows 7 Professional. These computers will provide for our needs now and into the foreseeable future. The costs of the computers are $519.99 apiece. We believe we need to purchase 16 of these at this time.

            As you know, our school in the upper end relies on streaming some of our core subjects.  We also desire in the near future to implement a K-12 grade computer curriculum that will equip our students to be able to handle what the job market requires for technology skills.

            My proposal is that our businesses and families take on this project before the 2014-2015 school year begins on August 12.  In a previous school that I had the privilege to lead we had a business or two step up and get it done.  Would you please prayerfully consider this worthy objective?  We need to do something and time is of the essence.  Would you please consider purchasing one or more of these? Thank you for your support.

God Bless,


Gregory A. Arnold



June, 24, 2014



Dear Parents and Guardians,


          Good day.  As I sit in my office at Christian Schools of Springfield, June is almost past and our excitement for the coming academic year is building.  If our soon returning Lord and Savior Jesus Christ tarries in His return, which is a big if, we anticipate a great year of Christian education at CSOS as we partner with you to His glory. In the meantime, if He comes for His bride, even so come quickly, Lord Jesus.


          Some of the highlights include our website (csos.org check it out), expansion of subject offerings, increased remuneration for our staff, new addition to our faculty (Mr. Tom Dye, part time high school science and Mr. Ike Porter 7,8th grade Bible teacher), and I will also be teaching additional courses.  New subject additions: grades 5,6,7,9,12- How To Be A Successful Student, grades 11,12- Latin I,II, grades 7-12- World View.


          Our beautiful Gideon’s’ 300 plaque is up bedecked with attractive name plates in the cafeteria as you walk in through the main doors of the school.   We want to thank those of you who have donated $9,800 to our Gideon’s’ 300 program.  Donations have been made in the name of those who donated, In Memory of, In Honor of, The 5th & 6Th Grade Class, …Church, etc.  I need your help.  In the 2014-2015 school budget I factored in filling the rest of the plaque up with 115 more names totaling $11,500.00 at $100.00 apiece.  Once I have settled in, I have grandparents, parents, two churches that I’ve had the privilege to pastor and my immediate family to place there.  I could use your assistance realizing this lofty goal.  Let us know if you will be able to participate.  Thank you.


          As our enrollment builds, keep spreading the word.  Remember the July 31 CSOS Vision meeting with me at the Baptist Temple chapel at 6:30 pm. The first meeting was a success. Remember this is an adult only meeting.  Please invite folks.




Gregory A. Arnold





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