We value the love and support of our school families, and we desire to establish and maintain a good relationship with them.  No two people will agree on everything.  No organization is perfect, no matter how sincere the leadership.  Still there must be a basic unity of direction and a strong mutual trust for people to work together in a task as vital as the training of children.


This agreement form addresses some areas that are important in maintaining that unity and trust.


Please read carefully. If you feel that you cannot sign this agreement with a supportive spirit, please contact Mr. Arnold so your concerns can be addressed.

By enrolling my child(ren) in Christian Schools of Springfield, I (we) understand the following:


¨ We are accepting the challenge to help “bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” and state that this training will be carried on in the home.  We place our trust in CSOS to assist us in that training.

¨ We understand the importance of faithful and regular attendance of ourselves (at least one parent/guardian) and our children to a Bible-believing church.

¨ We will support the school by faithfully praying for its programs and staff and will support the procedure and disciplinary actions of the school in fact and spirit.

¨ We will attempt to promote a spirit of unity within the ministry of the school by following the Matthew 18 principle.  That is, we agree that if we have a problem related to the school, we will always first contact the person involved in the problem at school (rather than those not concerned) who can best help and then, if necessary, continue up the proper chain of command until our problem is remedied.

¨ We will speak of the school in the best light possible, even when we disagree on a particular policy or action.  We will assume that the school means well, having as its goal the glory of God and the good of the students.  If we no longer sincerely hold this assumption, we will transfer our children, but we will not tear down the school in the eyes of others.

¨ We are vesting authority in the school to discipline our child as necessary.  We further agree that we will cooperate and discipline our child as needed in the home   (Proverbs 13:24,19:18,23:13-14,29:15,17; Colossians 3:20; Hebrews 12:6).

¨ We are pledging that if for any reason, our child does not respond favorably to the school, we will not try to change the school to fit him/her, but will confer with the school authorities and if necessary will quietly withdraw him/her.

¨ We understand and authorize that our child will go on scheduled field trips and other school activities unless excused by school authorities.

¨ We are agreeing to pay all tuition and fees according to agreements, and to conclude all required payments on or before the last day of school.  If payments cannot be made when due, we will contact the school office to make arrangements.  We understand that if tuition payments get behind, our child may not be able to continue in school and that report cards and records will be withheld at the end of the school year if required payments are not made in full.

¨ We are acknowledging that we have read and will uphold this Parent Cooperation Agreement.

¨ We understand that the application for enrollment of our child(ren) becomes final upon receipt by the office of this signed agreement.


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We sincerely trust that the upcoming year will be the best ever for your children.  We will be praying, planning and working to make it so.





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