Welcome to the CSOS Elementary Page

Miss MaryLou VonderStrasse - Principal
Glenda Augustine - Receptionist/Secretary
Office Hours - 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Phone - 831-1501

KINDERGARTEN  INTRODUCTION:  Our kindergarten is a Bible-based, academic program that builds the foundation for the elementary division.  The student must be age five (5) before August 1 and must meet all the admission requirements as stated in the general information section of this handbook. 

CURRICULUM:  The Bob Jones Press curriculum is used in the kindergarten program.  This curriculum stresses the phonetic reading system and development of early math skills.  All necessary workbooks, work sheets, and reading materials are provided.  Bible is taught as a specific subject in kindergarten. 

GRADING:  The school grading scale will be used to assess student’s achievement. 

HOMEWORK:   A homework assignment folder is placed in the book bag.  It should be signed and returned after the homework is completed.  Homework is expected to be completed when assigned.  Parental help is the key to the success of the child. 

DISCIPLINE:  Kindergarten children will be managed using a system specific to their age.  They will be trained to sit up in the seats, keep their eyes on the teacher, keep their hands on the desk and their feet on the floor.  They will also be trained to move quickly and quietly to bathrooms, the lunchroom and the playground.

 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ADMISSION:  The Elementary School continues to build upon the foundation laid by the kindergarten.  In order to enter the first grade, the student must be six (6) years old before August 1 (unless they have successfully completed our K5 program), and must meet all admission requirements as stated in the general information section of the handbook. New students may be required to take an entrance examination and score at grade level.  If the student scores lower than grade level, a lower grade level may be assigned. 

CURRICULUM:  CSOS primarily uses the Bob Jones curriculum and textbooks.  The main emphasis is placed upon reading, math, and grammar.  Bible is taught as a specific graded subject with a strong emphasis placed upon the student's individual responsibility to Holy God. 

DISCIPLINE:  CSOS expects its students to live above reproach showing respect to God, country, family, faculty, and fellow students.  Therefore, lying, cheating, theft, and profanity are not allowed. Attendance at CSOS is a privilege, not a right.  Constructive suggestions are always welcomed. Disorderly conduct (goofing off, horseplay, disruptive talking, etc.) is not conducive to Christian character and leads to destruction of property and is therefore not allowed.  We follow these five basic rules throughout the school: 

1.  No student will be out of his seat without permission.

2.  No student will speak out in class without permission.

3.  Students will always reply to adults with “yes sir, no sir”, and “yes ma’am, no ma’am.”

4.  Students will keep their hands and feet to themselves.

5.  Students will obey all instructions the first time they are given. 

Classroom discipline is managed using a system appropriate to their grade level.  Teachers will use praise and loss of privileges as means of discipline. Parents will be kept informed if there is a continual problem.  Students who consistently disrupt the classroom will be removed and a parent conference scheduled.  Other steps in the discipline process include parent-teacher conferences, probation, detention, suspension, or expulsion.