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Welcome to the CSOS Middle School Page
Miss MaryLou VonderStrasse - Principal
Office Hours - 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Phone - 831-1501
The middle school consists of grades 5, 6, 7 and 8.  Each of these grades are in a self-contained classroom.  Teachers will primarily rotate to that classroom.  Other subjects such as music , PE and computer may be combined with other Middle School grades.  One of the teachers is designated as the middle school supervisor.  This teacher has many years of teaching experience and is qualified as both an instructor and a supervisor.  The supervisor is responsible for all aspects of the middle school, both those involving the students and the other teachers. 

This group has an academic program designed uniquely for them.  The goal in the middle school is to develop good organizational skills, time management skills, and study skills.  In middle school the importance of personal accountability is stressed, teaching the importance of hard work, obedience and honesty.  When a middle school student has completed 8th grade, he will be prepared to handle the greater responsibilities of self-control and management that comes in the high school, along with the added challenges that come with higher academics.  Middle school students learn how to learn, how to manage themselves and how to respond to challenges that face them every day.

Academic Program: 
5th Grade6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade
Each student also participates in fine art classes, physical education classes and computer.  These classes are taught on different days and at different times during the course of the school year. The fine arts program includes choir, band, science projects, and classroom projects.


Pre-School and Childcare:

2660 N. GRANT

PHONE: (417) 831-1501

Kindergarten-5th grade:

2660 N. GRANT

PHONE: (417) 831-1501 Fax: (417) 831-6231

Middle School 6th -8th grade:

739 W. Talmage

Phone: (417) 831-1500 FAX: 831-2660

High School


PHONE: (417) 831-1500

FAX: (417) 831-2660

Main Business Office

2660 N Grant

Phone: (417) 831-1501

FAX: (417)831-6231